July 11, 2019 NOTICE: WE WILL HAVE  SANDBAGS AVAILABLE FOR RESIDENTS AFTER 10am FRIDAY JULY 12, 2019. Please be prepared to show ID. PLEASE USE THESE BAGS TO DIRECTLY PROTECT YOUR HOME. LIMIT 100 PER HOUSEHOLD Special consideration for additional bags will be granted by the Township Manager on a case by case basis.

Sand is available for residents only (NO CONTRACTORS) every day and night at the lot next to the East China Township Wastewater Plant located at 1244 Recor Road. 
Anyone taking sand must show proof of residency upon request. Special Sand Permits may be issued for special circumstances at Township Hall. Violators will be prosecuted. 

We continue to mobilize volunteers to sandbag certain properties we have identified as high risk posing a threat to surrounding neighbors. Please contact the Township Manager if you can assist or know of a group. We provide the materials.

Proper sandbag use and placement are crucial to building an effective barrier. CLICK HERE for instructions from the US Army Corps of Engineers.