The code enforcement officer is responsible for the prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of ordinances and codes regulating public health, safety and welfare, business activities, zoning, and land-use in East China Township. A code enforcement officer helps to maintain and improve the quality of our community, by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program, to correct violations of township codes and ordinances.
When violations are identified, the responsible parties are contacted and requested to abate the conditions. Failure to correct violations could result in a citation or a referral to the Prosecutor’s office. It is the township's policy that we do not act upon anonymous complaints, all complaints are investigated, and the name of the complainant is kept confidential.

Complaints can be filed in writing to the Code Enforcement Officer at
The preferred means to refer a complaint is via the designated complaint form which can be downloaded HERE
Forms can be emailed, scanned or faxed to 810-765-1408. 
To leave a message for the code enforcement officer call 810-765-8879 x120.
The code enforcement officer does not have regular hours, but will return messages as able.

Some Common Code Violations Include:
Noxious Weeds / Tall Grass
Trailer/Coach/Mobile Home Parking
Disabled Vehicles