Following ordinance will be enforced.

Any monument, marker, planting, trellis, personal item, urn, flowers or foliage (whether real or artificial), structure, flag (except for lawful veterans flags), or other item that has been placed, installed, left or maintained in any Township cemetery in violation of this chapter, any Township rule or regulation regarding Township cemeteries, or any county, state or federal law, statute or regulation may be removed by the Township from the Township cemetery at any time and destroyed or disposed of by the Township without any prior notice to, permission from, or liability or obligation to the person or persons who left, installed, maintained or kept such item in the Township cemetery. No such item (including, but not limited to, a monument, marker, planting, trellis, personal item, urn, flowers or foliage, structure, flag, or similar item) can be installed, placed, maintained or kept in a Township cemetery unless expressly authorized by this chapter or a written rule or policy of the Township. Even if such an item is authorized to be installed, kept, maintained or left in a Township cemetery, the Township shall still have the discretion to remove any such item at any time and dispose of the same without prior notice to, consent from or liability to the person or persons who installed, maintained or left such item in a Township cemetery.
Blayn Szyska,  Cemetery Sexton
Published:  The Voice Newspaper:  July 20, August 17, September 14, 2022
Posted:        July 20, 2022 Township Hall, September 30, 2022 website

4309 Puttygut Road
East China     MI     48054
(Township Hall) Phone:  810-765-8879 
Contact: East China Township Deputy Clerk

The Cemetery is surprisingly old and the first recorded burial was in 1818.  Records before 1884 are obscure and indications are this burial ground was used before 1812.  After East China Township was established in 1859 the Cemetery Board set rules concerning who should be buried there.  In general, burial rights extended only to residents and those who had contributed to its upkeep but now lived in “West China Township.” 

In 1882 an eighth of an acre of land was set aside for the burial of “strangers”, probably meaning non-residents.  In 1884 the Cemetery was surveyed and cornerstones were placed to mark sections.  In 1890 a well was dug.  In 1896 a building was erected and seats were added five years later.  The Cemetery was named Rose Hill in 1901.  During the early 1900’s eight acres were purchased and a new fence was added.  In 1951 $100 was appropriated to cover part of the cost of placing bronze markers of the graves of 32 American Veterans buried in the Cemetery and some of these are Civil War Veterans.  Today there are over 300 Veterans buried in the Cemetery.  Interesting material is on file concerning burials and an ongoing effort by employees has kept cemetery records up to date.  A concerned effort has been made to pinpoint older grave sites.  The material is on file and is often used by those searching out ancestors.

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