The Damage Assessment Self-Reporting Survey can be accessed HERE. 

East China Township Flood Damage Reporting Form  Completing this form will allow the Charter Township of East China to provide information to St. Clair County Emergency Management regarding the extent of damages that may occur in our community. It will also assist us in determining eligibility for state and/or federal disaster financial assistance. Submission of this form does not infer or guarantee compensation for your submitted damages but acts as a record for processing purposes of potential claim reimbursement from the state or federal government which you may qualify for. 

The Warning Information Notification System (WINS) is  a subscriber service that will allow Public Authorities to notify you in the case of an emergency situation such as  Flooding, Tornado, Sever Weather, Evacuations or other emergency situations that effect life and safety. In addition to Emergency Notices you can "opt-in" to receive information on non-emergency situations from a variety of entities.  These entities include Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Health Departments, Schools, and select private / non-profit entities with a need to quickly disseminate information to the public.  Because the information will be targeted to your specific area, it is recommended that you sign up for every location that is important to you.  Examples of locations could be: Home, Work, Schools, etc.