An appeal may be taken to the Board of Appeals by any person, firm or corporation, or by any officer, department, board, or bureau affected by a decision of the Building Official.

Filing an application will facilitate an applicant appearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals for requesting a variance to the Charter Township of East China Zoning Ordinance and/or other ordinances. This application must be filled out completely. The fourth (4th) Monday of each month has been designated to hear Appeal Cases.  Appeal applications must be in the East China Township office NO LESS THAN thirty (30) days before the next scheduled ZBA meeting. Actual hearing date will be determined by the Township Manager and Zoning Administrator. All mailings will be sent to the applicant.  Please fill the form out completely. Zoning Board of Appeals requires notification of all property owners within 300' of the property.  Applicant will be notified as to when the Appeals meeting is scheduled. The Township charges a fee of $500.00 for each Zoning Board of Appeals application. This fee pays for the cost of professional review of your request and notification to property owners. The applicant, or representative, must be present at the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting when the appeal is discussed. Failure of the applicant or their authorized agent to appear before the Board as scheduled, shall be justification for dismissal of the case without prejudice and with no refund of appeal fee.


The application must be filled out completely or it will be returned.